We offer many different tours and packages. Please contact us if there is soemthing you are interested in that you don't see on this page. We are able to customize any tours and packages for you.


Aside from tours, we also offer bus tickets, boat tickets and private taxis within Cambodia and also to Thailand, Vietnam and Laos.


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Although you can easily spend two weeks exploring all the temples, many visitors have a limited time so they choose one of the packages below.


- 1 day tour: This includes a visit to Angkor Wat, Bayon and Ta Phrom.


- 2 day tour: This includes the temples in the 1 day tour, plus a visit to 5 or 6 smaller temples of your choice.


- 3 day tour: This includes the temples in the 1 and 2 day tours, plus a visit to Baentey Srey, Kbal Spean water fall and the landmine museum.


- Sunset tour: Many guests choose to pickuptheir tickets the day before their tour, so that they can enjoy watching the sunset at Angkor Wat for free.


For the packages above you have the option of tuk tuk, car or van for transportation and a tour guide of your language choice



It is said that this was the birthplace of the Angkor empire. Kulen mountain is a must see for everyone. This sacret mountain is where most of the rocks used to build Angkor Wat came from.


This is a full day tour which you should start early in the morning as vehicles are not allowed to go up the mountain after 12pm.


During your tour you will see:

- River of the thousand Lingas

- Reclyning Buddha

- Walk through a local village

- Water fall where you can swim


Most guests also stop on the way to visit Baentey Srey.




One of the most popular attractions in Siem Reap. Phare Circus. Do not think of it as a regular circus with clowns and animals (there are absolutely no animals). Think of it as more of a performing arts show that is story based with a lot of incredible art and acrobatics.


This is entertaining for the entire family and runs every night at 8pm.


Ticket prices:

- Section A $35

- Section B $25

- Section C $18






If you like to experience a traditional Khmer dance show, Kulen II restaurant is the best place to do so.


Offering a full buffet and dinner show. Starting at 7pm every night.


Ticket price:

- Buffet dinner & show $12




An amazing adventure through the rainforest with Flight of the Gibbon. One of the most popular activities in Siem Reap.


price: $99

(please note that since this activity is inside of the Angkor Archeological Park, an additional $20 fee is required at the gate unless you already have a day / multi day pass for the temples)




A fun activity for the whole family. With Siem Reap Quad Bike Adventures you are able to visit some places other tourists do not get to see. Wether you choose a one hour sunset ride or a full day tour, you will leave with amazing memories and photos.


- 1 hour driving at 5:00pm - $30 1 adult - $40 1 adult + 1 child

- 1.5 hour driving at 10:00am & 4:00pm - $45 1 adult - $55 1 adult + 1 child

- 2 hour driving at 6:00am, 8:00am, 12:00pm, 4:00pm - $60 1 adult - $75 1 adult + 1 child

- 3 hour driving at 7:00am, 12:00pm - $80 1 adult - $95 1 adult + 1 child

- 4 hour driving at 7:00am, 12:00pm - $100 1 adult - $120 1 adult + 1 child

- 8 hour driving at 8:00am - $170 1 adult - $205 1 adult + 1 child (includes food & drinks)




- SR48 Angkor Temples, Phnom Bok, Roluos Group, Floating Village, Siem Reap - $530/person


- SR36 Angkor Wat and nearby temples, Kulen ranges - $400/person


- SR30 Angkor Wat, Temples, Roluos group, Floating villages $330/person


- SR20 Angkor Wat, Temples, Floating villages $200/person


- SR14 Angkor Wat, Temples - $150/person


- SR8 Angkor Wat - $90/person




Discover the temples and the beautiful countryside with bikes.


- Sunrise Discovery tour - 5am until 2pm (20km) $85

- Countryside Ride - 7:30am until 12pm (25km) $35

- Angkor Temples - 7:30am until 4:30pm (30km) $45

- Reservoir, rice fields and village tour - 7am until 6:30pm (30km) $130

- Angkor at Twilight - 2:30pm until 6:30pm (25km) $65

- Countryside at Twilight - 3:30pm until 6:30pm (16km) $35


Please note that temple entry pass is needed




Discover the temples and the beautiful countryside with Vespas


- Countryside life tour - 6-7 hours starting at 8am $89

- Angkor Tour - 8-9 hours starting at 8am $105

- After dark foodie tour - 4-5 hours starting at 6pm $69




Explore the magnificant flooded forests. During this tour you will be taken on a boat and then transfered into small canoes where you can explore the magical flooded forest.


This tour is only available during and right after the rainy season (around September - February)




There are over 170 floating villages on Tonle Sap lake. The most visited one is Chong Khneas which is near Siem Reap. You will be transfered via Tuk Tuk or car to the lake where you will board a private boat and tour through the floating villages.


There are two amazing cooking classes we recommend.


1 - Peace Cafe - Offers daily classes at their facility in Siem Reap $


2 - Countryside classes - This tour will take you into a village where you will walk through a local market, visit locals making crafts, take an oxen cart ride followed by a traditional cooking class




The Happy Ranch Horse Farm offers countryside trail rides from  1 to 4 hours .  From sunrise to sunset, our horses will take you on a journey to places that are otherwise unreachable, through local countryside villages, scenic rice fields and tourist-free temple ruins, all waiting to be explored. An authentic taste of the real Khmer lifestyle viewed from horseback, and a welcome break from other tourists.



1 hour countryside trail ride $28.00 
2 hour countryside trail ride $46.00 
3 hour countryside trail ride $59.00  
4 hour countryside trail ride $69.00