Three Canadian humanitarians came together after visiting Cambodia and falling in love with its people and the rich culture.


They decided to form a family and build a business that has become one of the most talked about businesses models. First of its kind; a non-profit hotel that gives back to the people of Cambodia, and others around the world.


Profits generated from the hotel go towards several programs including an orphanage, education programs and a natural water purification program using the Moringa tree.


The Boutique is a story of passion, hard work, and making a difference.  The Green Leaf represent the Moringa tree which is the key to clean water and healthy living.


Amir has been in the humanitarian field since 2003.  Starting his career in film & TV, then taking off to travel the world with NGOs, producing documentaries during natural disasters and wars.  While in the field, he started training in disaster response management and water purification.


Overall he has 24 international deployments under his belt, in places such as Haiti, Guatemala, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, Indonesia, and of course Cambodia.


Amir first set foot in Siem Reap in 2003.  Instantly falling in love with the country and the people. Making it a goal in life to one day live here, and continue giving back.

Simon has been a volunteer with a Canadian Search & Rescue team in Canada for several years.


After traveling to Cambodia on a humanitarian deployment with Amir, he realized that the Khmer way of life was one that he agreed with. He continued doing work in Cambodia during several deployments, distributing water filters, building a dormitory at an orphanage, and assisting with medical outreach programs.


Having a strong sense of business, and a heart for humanity, he understood the opportunity and at the same time the impact that he could have on helping Cambodians.


Damien went on his first humanitarian trip in early 2015 and instantly was moved after visiting Tonle Sap lake, and getting to know the locals.


Growing up in Toronto, he had witnessed first hand what people who come from different parts of the world go through as they try to establish new lives. He wanted to make a difference in the lives of those who do not have the comfort and privileges that most of us do.


Damien decided to step in, and be part of a growing team of humanitarians working towards a better world.



Lin is a prime example of how Cambodians love to give back to their communities. After growing up as an orphan and being adopted by a family with a guest-house. Lin worked 7 days a week for room and board, while paying for his own education.


Several years ago he met Amir and Simon's humanitarian team and volunteered his time by assisting them while they were in Cambodia, and even following up with their projects long after they had left.


Lin's expertise in the hospitality industry, and his big heart for humanitarian work makes him a true leader, and a very important part of the Green Leaf family as the General Manager.


Reachsey lost everything as a child, including his father. Yet did not give up and continued to work hard.


Years ago when he worked in a hotel, an American women heard of his story and decided to help him with his school payments.


Reachsey took her kindness as an example for himself to help his own people.


Now, having a prominent job at a Children's Hospital, Reachsey volunteers his time as the head of the Lion's Club of Cambodia, and also has been assisting the Green Leaf family as Business Development Manager.










So Phat has a long history in the restaurant and hospitality industry. His infectious smile and his love for karaoke brings joys to all the guests.


He is extremely hard working and spends his earnings for his family.


Aside from working at the Green Leaf, he studies very hard to improive his language skills.


Se Phat has cross trained in all jobs at the hotel to make sure he can fill in for anyone and take care of all the guests' needs.


No task is too small or too big for him.





Bunthy lived at an orphanage for years. During one of the humanitarian missions led by Amir and Simon, he volunteered his time as a translator.


Soon enough Bunthy was in the field providing clean drinking water to the less fortunate.


He also took on the task of learning about the Moringa tree in order to plant it and educate the people in his village, and at the orphanage.


When he reached the age of 18, instead of venturing off to the big city, he decided to stay at the orphanage and provide English classes to the kids. His selflessness and dedication is why the Green Leaf family decided to offer him an opportunity to work and grow.


Nak lived at the same orphanage as Bunthy for several years.


He grew up wanting to accomplish more than what his peers were dreaming of.


Every morning, Nak takes one hour of English class, followed by one hour of Chinese class, then he comes to work at Green Leaf Boutique Hotel to spend the day working and learning.


The guests love chatting with him about things he has gone through in life, and about his future goals.


Nak has very fast moved up the ladder, learning every role at the hotel, and goes out of his way to make sure that the guests are comfortable and taken care of.


Sochiet is truly a master of her craft. She has been a professional chef for over a decade, specializing in Khmer dishes but also quickly learning western style food.


Every single guest that tastes her food falls in love with the style and flavours she creates. Many guests have requested to hire her to personally teach them her art.


Sochiet has a young boy and is working at Green Leaf Boutique Hotel alongside her husband S.B who is one of our tuk tuk drivers.


She also is obsessed with finding the best ingredients in order to make sure that every dish coming out of her kitchen is healthy, organic, and up to the standards of our valued guests.


Bo Pha is there every morning bright and early making sure all guests are fed and their day activities are organized.


She loves to jump in and help the kitchen staff (gives her an excuse to improve her cooking skills) and the cleaning staff.


Bo Pha loves to chat with the guests to learn about their lives and where they are coming from. Different cultures and lifestyles is what she wants to learn about everyone.









Sok Chiet is always running around with a bucket and broom. She has a permenant smile on her face as she cleans the rooms and creatively folds towels.


During her downtime she likes to treat the staff to different snacks and then sit back and enjoy some soap operas on her phone.













Lym is the assistant to our chef Sochiet. She has her own style that she offers to the kitchen which guests truly appreciate.


She loves to constantly create new ideas for meals and also explore different western dishes.










Oscar is not our cat, but in his mind he owns this hotel. He comes and goes throughout the day and hangs out with guests. Some guests love to cuddle with him while they are sunbathing, some guests take photos with him and some guests have even wanted to adopt him and take him back to their home country.


His tough day starts at around 10am when he wakes up and comes to sleep by the pool. After a lot of belly rubs by guets, he goes for a little stroll around the property to make sure everything is in order, then at dinner time more cuddles followed by a full night of gecko hunting.


Gabby is Oscar's side-kick. In June 2016 Oscar walked her through the gates and showed her his food dish. From there on she has been staying and cuddling with all guests.


Her name is Gabby because she talks a lot. Just like Oscar she loves to share stories of her tough day with our guests.


Talking about naps, treats, and those crazy frogs and geckos.








More profiles coming soon, as our Green Leaf family continues to grow.