Please read with the following rules and regulations which are mandatory for all of our guests.


  1. Upon arrival, all guests must check-in at the reception desk. Guests must present a valid passport with a valid travel visa or any other official travel document.


    A copy of the guest passport will be kept on file.


    Check in time is at 2:00PM on the day of arrival and check-out time is at 12:00PM on the day of departure. Guests may request early check-in and late check-out, which may be granted based on availability.


    Late check-outs until 4pm will be subject to a 50% room charge.  Late check-outs after 4pm will be subject to a full night room charge.


    Cancellations 24hrs of check-in time will be subject to one night charge.  Cancellations within 24hrs of check-in or no shows will be full charge of the reservation.


    If upon check-in the guest does not specify the duration of his or her stay, the hotel will presume the booking is for one night only.


    On the day of departure, guests shall leave the room in its original state and shall check out at the designated time, handing over the key to the reception desk.


    Any missing or damaged items will be charged to the credit card on file.


    All rooms are non-smoking. Anyone caught smoking in rooms will pay a penalty of $50 which will cover the cleaning of the room.


    No smoking is allowed on the balcony or terrace near the thatched roofs. Smoking is only allowed by the pool and bar. Please be respectful to other guests when it comes to smoking.


    We are not liable for any missing or damaged garments when you use the laundry service.  Please drop your laundry off at the reception desk.


    To respect the privacy of our guests, we do not clean your room unless you request verbally or hang the "clean my room" sign on your door.


    Housekeeping requests should be done before 3:00pm


    To preserve energy (as we are a green facility), when you leave the hotel for day trips, our staff may turn off the power to your room.


    Extension of your stay will be made based on room availability, and subject to different rates than originally booked.


    Guests must leave their room key at the reception desk any time they leave the hotel.


    Cost to replace a missing key and key chain is $10.


    The hotel is not responsible for any lost or damaged personal property, including in the room safes. Guests are provided with a safety box in each room and are advised not to share the pin code with anyone.


    The hotel is not responsible for any loss or damage to luggage while in storage. Luggage storage is a complimentary service offered based on space availability.


    No harmful materials are allowed on the property such as weapons, chemicals, or explosives.


    All complaints and suggestions should be directed to the reception desk or management.


    Alcohol purchased outside of the hotel is strictly prohibited, as some stores sell fake alcohol.  Outside alcohol is considered a dangerous substance.


    No recreational narcotics are allowed on the property.


    If you bring an outside guest to your room, the individual must leave their ID/passport at the reception desk and a 50% room charge will be added to your bill.


    Only a max of 2 guests are allowed per room (except for the family room, which is a max of 4 guests).  Any additional guests in your room will be subject to a 50% charge of the room rate.


    During check-in you have to provide a credit card which we will copy the front and back of for incidentals.  The hotel has the right to charge your card for any incidentals or outstanding fees mentioned in this agreement.


    No misuse of hotel internet is allowed. If a guest is found to be downloading major files, or attempting to hack, or visiting pornographic content, their internet privileges will be revoked.


    The hotel reserves the right to refuse service to any guests who cause disturbance or not follow the hotel rules.


    Guests agree to have their photos which are taken in common areas on the hotel social media and marketing material.


    There will be zero tolerance for mistreatment of hotel staff.


    We may refuse to store luggage at times when the person is not staying at our hotel or if the luggage does not appear to be personal luggage used for travel.


    Any damages should be reported to reception or management immediately.


    No guest is allowed to give up his or her room to be used by third parties even if the room has been paid for.


    Pets are allowed at Green Leaf Boutique, we ask you to notify us before arrival as a small cleaning fee may apply depending on the animal.


    Easily flammable, explosive objects, materials with a strong or unpleasant smell are not allowed in the Hotel. It is prohibited to bring any electric appliances into the Hotel (refrigerators, hot plates), except those for personal hygiene (shaver, toothbrush, hair-dryer)


    Gambling, contraband, prostitution, weapons, poisons, drugs, and pungent food are strictly prohibited on Hotel premises.


    No cooking is allowed in the rooms.


    One free drink per day applies to one free draft beer/soda per person who posts a photo on their social media and hash-tags according to our hashtag guidelines.


    If you loan one of our tablets during your stay, you will be liable for the cost of replacement if the tablet is damaged or stolen while on loan to you.  The replacement fee is $120.  The hotel is not liable for any privacy breaches by the following guest using the tablet if you do not log out of your personal accounts.


    Hotel staff and management has the right to refuse alcohol to any guests who may seem too intoxicated.


    Washing, drying and ironing clothing garments is not allowed in the rooms. Please use the hotel laundry service for these purposes.


    You will be asked to remove any clothes you hang outside of your room to dry.


    Free parking is provided (subject to availability) for guests who are driving.  We are not liable for any damages or loss to your car while parked outside the hotel.


    Due to sanitation rules, consumption of food and beverages purchased or delivered outside the hotel is not allowed.


    Please promptly report any malfunctioning or failure of electronics to the reception staff and do not attempt to fix anything.


    Please be cautious around the pool area for wet floors.


    Please check any emergency procedures for fire with the staff.


    Please lock your door each time you leave your room.


    Traveler’s checks are not accepted at our hotel. Management has the right to refuse any form of payment that may seem fraudulent and will confiscate the payment and hand over to authorities.


    Due to bank restrictions in Cambodia with old or damaged foreign currency such as U.S. bills we may turn down certain bills


    The hotel is not responsible for any loss or damages to personal property, or any injury or death during tours or trips booked for guests through the hotel.


    We only provide information and ticket sales to third party tours. If you have any issues with the tour company,

    please bring it up to their attention. You are responsible for any additional expenses you incure with the service providers above the tickets or services you have purchased through us.


    The hotel is not responsible for any cancellations or disruptions in tours or trips booked.


    All rates are in U.S. Dollars.


    3.5% bank fee will be added to all credit card transactions.


    Free breakfast applies to one free breakfast per day, per person.


    Children must be supervised at all times by the pool.


    If you have any allergies or serious medical problems, please notify management upon check-in.


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